Think your boxer is safe?  Think again!  

Did you know that: 

Boxers are more than physically able to scale a 6ft fence! 

Boxers kept outdoors can get bored easily and dig out of the yard! 

Boxers that are not monitored outside can be easily stolen from your yard!

Before your boxer goes missing

  1. License your boxer!  Make sure that your boxer is licensed with animal control in the county you live in – it’s the law!
  2. Take a picture!  Having front and side shots of your boxer (including white chest/feet areas on a colored boxer or color patches on a white boxer) can help easily identify your lost boxer from another.  There are thousands of “fawn w/ black mask” boxers in the world – how is yours different?  Document what physically makes your boxer ‘unique’.  Take updated pictures frequently through the life of your pet.  You can’t take an updated picture after your boxer is lost!
  3. Microchip your boxer!  A microchip is the one sure way to prove a boxer is yours.  A microchip stays with your boxer for life and ownership information is only one scan away.  Please ask your vet about microchipping or call us – we can microchip your pet for $20 including registration!
  4. Tag your boxer!  Buying an id tag for your boxer, including your address and phone numbers, can help a Good Samaritan bring your boxer back home!
  5. Keep your boxer updated!  Having outdated information on your dog’s collar only frustrates the finder of your pet.  If you move or your phone number changes – buy a new tag!  A few seconds can save the heartache of never seeing your boxer again!

You’ve lost your boxer – what do you do now?

  1. Report your boxer lost ASAP!  Call your county and microchip company to report your dog as lost.  Update any outdated information with these services so if found, they can contact you immediately!  If you adopted your boxer from a rescue group, please let them know your boxer is at large!  They may have ways to help with recovery.

  2. Post your boxer lost!  The internet is a powerful tool, so put it to work for you.  A great website to post your boxer as lost (or to search if your boxer is found) is – is another great way to post your boxer as missing!

  3. Get to the pound!  Every county is different, but in Maricopa County, animal control will hold a lost pet for 72 hours and then put the pet up for adoption or euthanize depending on health and temperament.  Going to the pound every 2 days can ensure that your boxer will make it out alive!


The east valley facility is located in mesa at 2630 w. 8th street (8th street and the 101). 

The west valley facility is located in phoenix at 2500 s. 27th avenue (27th avenue and lower buckeye). 

Lost and found hours at both of those facilities are Monday-Friday 11am-5:30pm, Saturday 11am-5:30pm, and Sunday noon-4pm.  Their phone number is 602-506-PETS 

Be persistent!  The more fliers and lost notices you’ve posted, the more ‘eyes’ will be looking out for your boxer!  Do not give up!