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Please read and answer EACH question carefully.

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Today's Date
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Applicant's Name
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Have you applied to any other Rescue Organization within the past year? *
Are all of you current pets spayed or neutered? *
In the past 5 years, have you had any other pets that are no longer with you?
What are your plans for this dog?
Have you ever given up a pet?
How would you describe the physical activity level of your family?
How would you rate the social activity of your family?
Our adoption contract may state you will need to take your new dog to training classes within 3 months of adoption – can you comply with this request?
Is anyone in your home allergic to animals?
Would you be willing to adopt a dog that needed medication or special attention?
If we didn’t have an appropriate match at the time of application, would you be willing to foster while waiting for your match being made? (our foster homes get ‘first dibs’ to adopt the foster dog in their care)

By returning this application, I am agreeing that the above information is true and correct and understand that this information will be included with my adoption contract and if found to be untrue at any time (even following adoption) the dog may be reclaimed at no expense to Almost Home Az Rescue.   Further, by applying for the adoption of a dog, I hereby give permission to my Veterinarian, my personal reference, and landlord (if applicable) to disclose information to Almost Home Az Rescue.