Berger was scheduled for euthanasia at a high-kill shelter because he was deemed un-adoptable. What made a sweet boxer like this at risk for death?  He had an infected neck wound that was caused by being attacked, probably by another dog, while stray on the street.  Berger’s wounds smelled so horrible that the volunteer that picked him up had to drive home with all windows down to prevent vomiting at the smell of rotting flesh.

Almost Home Rescue takes “un-adoptable” dogs like Berger and provides vet care that some animal shelters are unable to provide.  Here is Berger after his initial vet visit.  What the vet uncovered was multiple lacerations on his neck, throat and forelegs.

While our rescues recover from treatment, they reside in a loving foster home until they are ready for adoption!  Here is Berger, one week after entering Almost Home’s foster program.  This is just SEVEN days after this sweetheart was scheduled to be put to death….just because of his wounds.


Almost Home Rescue is recruiting foster homes to temporarily care for homeless dogs, just like Berger.  Berger could have been a statistic – another addition to the unnecessary deaths at kill shelters.  Thanks to the fantastic foster homes at Almost Home Rescue, Berger is ready to find his new forever home!

We take dogs that no one wants to adopt and turn them into the dog everyone wants to adopt!

We DO NOT board any of our rescues, but this does limit the number of dogs we can save.  Please open your heart, and your home, to a dog in need.

UPDATE:  Since this bio was originally posted, Berger has been adopted.  :-)