Emerson was scheduled for euthanasia at a high-kill shelter because she was deemed not adoptable. She had a massive tumor hanging from her chest. It weighed in at over two pounds!! She walked a little slow and rarely ran because it was uncomfortable her to do so. How could someone let a pet grow a tumor this large?


Almost Home Rescue takes “un-adoptable” dogs like Emerson and provides vet care that some animal shelters are unable to provide. After a week of observation, we took Emerson into the vet to have her tumor removed. The vet removed the tumor on her chest, a growth in her mouth, a mole on her ankle, and spayed her. She lost a lot of blood during surgery and her first night home was touch and go. Emerson was unable to move on her own and had to be turned over every thirty minutes to keep her blood circulating. She slept on this stretcher for her first night home. It wasn't until three days later that Emerson's body finally re-cooped from her surgery and she was able to move around without any problems. Test results from her tumor revealed she has Grade II Mast Cell.

While our rescues recover from treatment, they reside in a loving foster home until they are ready for adoption! With her days of being used for breeding and the removal of her massive tumor now far behind her, Emerson is thriving in her foster home. She loves to play fetch, tug, and keep away. She plays well with other dogs in her foster home and is behaving wonderfully around the resident kitties! When she is excited, she likes to carry a 'baby' around in her mouth and 'woo woo' at you!


Almost Home Rescue is recruiting foster homes to temporarily care for homeless dogs, just like Emerson.  Emerson could have been a statistic – another addition to the unnecessary deaths at kill shelters.  Thanks to the fantastic foster homes at Almost Home Rescue, Emerson is ready to find her new forever home!

We take dogs that no one wants to adopt and turn them into the dog everyone wants to adopt!

We DO NOT board any of our rescues, but this does limit the number of dogs we can save.  Please open your heart, and your home, to a dog in need.

UPDATE:  Since this bio was originally posted, Emerson has been adopted.  :-)