Fisher stopped eating for at least a week before his owners decided to look for another home for him.  This sweet baby was surrendered to rescue because his owners could not afford to take him to the vet to find the cause of Fisher's lack of appetite.  Shortly after coming to rescue, Fisher vomited a "decaying" condom and it was decided surgery was necessary to try to save his life.  The vets found plastic pieces wrapped in yarn/string and a severe intussusceptions was discovered.  Twelve inches of intestine was removed and he did well through the surgery.  Despite our love and the vet's best efforts, Fisher's little heart gave up and he passed away at the vet's office shortly after his procedure.

Poor Fisher was only 6 months old and died at only 20 pounds.

If the owner's would have taken this pup in at the first signs of distress, instead of watching him starve and waste away day by day, he may have had a chance at a long and happy life.  Maybe he would have learned how to bean and burn just like a boxer pup should.

Our Best Friends who have gone before you are waiting at the Bridge for your arrival.  Fisher, we are so sorry that you had to suffer and we were not in time to help you.  Although you were only in our arms for a few days, you will live forever in our hearts.