It is our goal to help you in finding a way to keep your beloved pet, however if no solution can be found, we are here to assist in finding it a new home. 


We do not have a facility to house dogs that don't get along with others.  Our intake assessment will be at the dog park or other environment with dogs around.  If you have a dog-aggressive dog, we can offer to do a courtesy listing on our adoption websites. Your dog must be neutered and up to date on vaccinations to qualify for a courtesy listing. We will not help you sell your dog, please do not ask us.


We normally do not have space for a mix. If you have a mix, we can refer you to other rescues in the area that might be able to help. We have a limited number of foster homes and most of our applicants do not come to us for a dog that does not have a smashed face. Please send us a bio and picture of your mix to so we can forward your info to other rescue groups that might be able to help place your pet.

We need the following from you to start the intake process of your boxer:

  1. E-mail RECENT pictures to 
  2. Get your boxer to a vet! We ask that you bring your boxer up to date on shots (DHLPP & Rabies), tested for tick fever and Valley Fever, and that the dog be spayed or neutered. If your boxer is over 6YO we also require a thyroid test to have been completed within the past year. If you cannot comply with this request, contact us and we will see what arrangements can be made. We will need a copy of all vet records you have on your boxer.  Vet records are proof to us that you are the rightful owner of the dog.
  3. Completed Owner Surrender Form. Please click here to fill out this form.

WE DO NOT USE BOARDING FACILITIES! All rescues are placed into an appropriate foster home until a permanent home is found. 

PLAN AHEAD! If you expect us to come pick up your unwanted boxer RIGHT NOW, you may be disappointed - our priority is shelter boxers that are at risk of being euthanized. We will find a spot for your boxer as soon as we possibly can!