What does it take to be a foster home?

Care-taking for a homeless dog can be extremely rewarding and fun. The feeling of knowing that you have saved a life and helped bring back the spirit of an animal is quite a wonderful feeling. You might be thinking, "I could never do that, I would want to keep every one of them." Many caretakers do think this in the beginning. Adoption day is very hard, but all caretakers will tell you that if you do not let them go, where will the next homeless dog go? It gets easier as you see the many wonderful people that decide to open up their hearts and homes to a rescue dog. 



If you'd like to apply to be a foster home or read more about our fostering process and how you can help a homeless boxer.

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Please open your home, and your heart, to a boxer in need!

Each one of these boxers was rescued from a high-kill facility in the state of Arizona. They are now safe, happy and adopted into permanent forever homes where they can live out the rest of their lives!